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Online Shadi/Online Nikah Worldwide Services from Pakistan with Online Nikah

Our Online Shadi/Online Nikah Services are Available in the whole world through our offices in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Jeddah (KSA) and Birmingham (UK).

What is Online Shadi/Online Nikah?

Online Shadi/Online Nikah is a marriage that takes place through the internet. It is also known as e-marriage, net nuptials or cyber marriage. Online Shadi/Online Nikahs are the marriages that take place online via a video call without the physical presence of the bride or groom. The parties just need to show their identity and give their consent to marry. This is a very simple process which can be managed under 22 minutes. 

Online Shadi/Online Nikah and Era of Technology

Since we are living in an era of technology, it has become possible to get shadi sitting at home with a smartphone. Today, people from all over the world are getting married through an Online Shadi/Online Nikah process. 

Advantage of Online Shadi/Online Nikah

Online Shadi/Online Nikah have many advantages like:

Online Shadi/Online Nikah is Cost Effective and Time Saving

You can be anywhere in the world and still get shadi online.

Online Shadi/Online Nikahs are cost-effective and time-saving. They allow people to get married without having to go through the hassle of meeting someone, talking about their family background, etc. Online Shadi/Online Nikah also helps in saving time and money because there is no need to arrange a venue for the ceremony or take pictures. It’s very convenient as well because people can talk to each other on the phone if they want to meet each other before getting married.

Online Shadi/Online Nikah and other Countries

In some countries like Pakistan and the United States, online marriage has become very popular among youngsters who just want a legal union without spending too much money on it. Some countries including Pakistan even allow you to register your Online Shadi/Online Nikah with local authorities so that when you visit your home country after living abroad, then all records related to your online wedding will be available at any given time!

The Trend Of Online Shadi/Online Nikah In The World

Online Shadi/Online Nikah is a growing trend that has taken over the world. It’s not just happening in the US, but in countries like Pakistan and India as well. The cost-effective method of registering your shadi online can be completed quickly.This event only comes once every 19 years, so if you want to get hitched while it’s still legal to do so (and make sure your local government allows this), then you need to act now!

Online Shadi/Online Nikah in U.S.A

Online  Shadi Can Be Registered In Some States Of The US, Such As Utah And New York.

In 2020, Utah became the first state to allow couples to register for their marriage Online Shadi/Online Nikah. The state made this move because it was a convenient way for couples to get married and because it is a cost-effective way for couples to get married.


Beginning in January 2020, couples can receive a marriage license, have a wedding ceremony, and have the officiant submit the marriage certificate information online.


Many couples in Utah have already taken advantage of Online Shadi/Online Nikah registration and are enjoying the benefits of being able to complete all of their paperwork online.


The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has made it legal for couples to hold Online Shadi/Online Nikah. 

Are you interested in Legal Service for Online Shadi/Nikah?

Online Shadi/Online Nikah through Vakil/attorney/proxy is acceptable in Islam.

Vakil/attorney/proxy is a legal representative of the bride and groom. He can be a relative or friend of the couple who solemnizes Nikah on their behalf. The Vakil, according to Islamic laws, cannot be a non-Muslim male.


The proxy can also be a vakil (lawyer), in which case no fee is charged as he gets his payment from his client instead of you directly (who pays for your proxy). However, I would advise using legal services only when necessary, since it may delay your nikah ceremony due to paperwork involved with hiring them (or other such reasons). You can also choose to just have your friend or relative act as your proxy without hiring anyone else at all if there’s anyone available in your family circle who has agreed to do so for free!

Online Shadi/Online Nikah is legally allowed in Pakistan

Online Shadi/Online Nikah is legally allowed in Pakistan. In fact, it’s a common practice for many couples to get married online due to religious and cultural restrictions.

In recent years, however, more countries worldwide have legalized Online Shadi/Online Nikah services and the surrounding legalities are becoming clearer. Many states in America allow it, as do the UK and Canada. You can also get shadi online in India as well as in many other places like Dubai or even Australia or New Zealand!

Boost in Online Shadi/Online Nikahs during COVID-19

COVID-19 was a global event, and Pakistan had no exception. In the country, Online Shadi/Online Nikah were performed by Pakistan Legal Forum (PLF). It is the pioneer in Pakistan for online shdis in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. We believe that there is no need to explain what we are doing here or what benefits it can bring you. You can check out our website at to see how we work!

Online Shadi/Online Nikah’s Expert Legal Services

Right Law Associates (Pvt) Limited is a family law specialized company managing thousands of Online Shadi/Online Nikahs every year’.

Right Law Associates (Pvt) Limited is a family law specialized company, that manages thousands of Online Shadi/Online Nikah’s a year through its nationwide network. Our experienced lawyers have been handling this sensitive matter for more than 15 years.

Pakistan Legal Forum is the pioneer in Pakistan for Online Shadi/Online Nikah’s in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore

Pakistan Legal Forum is the pioneer in Pakistan for Online Shadi/Online Nikah’s in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. It has a network of over 100 lawyers across Pakistan and is the largest network of lawyers in Pakistan.

Pakistan Legal Forum and Online Shadi/Online Nikah’s

Pakistan Legal Forum understands that your needs are different from others and that is why it offers you an easy way to find your soulmate by using our website. If you want to get married or if you are already married, then Pakistan Legal Forum is here to help you out to get your marriage registered with the governmental authorities. We can even help those who have been divorced. We are one of the best forums where people can get their marriage done without having any legal issues later on when they move abroad or anywhere else in Pakistan like Karachi or Islamabad but mostly Lahore as well because there are many people coming from rural areas, so we do not have any problem serving them because we know how much pressure it puts on families when they cannot find anyone suitable for themselves so instead of waiting till next year’s wedding season starts again just get registered with us today – don’t forget about Valentine’s Day coming up soon!

Legal Services about Online Shadi/Online Nikah’s

Mr. Mohsin Ali Shah is a senior family lawyer who started to get register Online Shadi/Online Nikahs in Pakistan in 1999, contact us for a quick Online Shadi/Online Nikah

Mr Mohsin Ali Shah is a senior family lawyer who started to get register Online Shadi/Online Nikahs in Pakistan in 1999, contact us for a quick Online Shadi/Online Nikah within 22 minutes!

Mr Mohsin Ali Shah has also helped thousands of couples to make their marriage formal while they were living overseas, away from parents and relatives. He has handled plenty of cases where one partner was based in Canada or America and the other partner was living in Pakistan, Dubai or any other Gulf country, such as Saudi Arabia / UAE etc. His knowledge of international laws will help you make sure that your rights are protected while registering your marriage with us at very affordable prices compared to commission-based agents who charge high fees without providing any services or support after taking money from you!

Mr Mohsin Ali shah has experience of more than 40 years of legal practice and also provides legal advice on all family matters such as divorce, child custody and alimony cases. Besides these, he also offers services related to Islamic law that include nikah (wedding ceremony) registration or talaq (divorce). The procedure of an online nikah can be completed within 25 minutes with the help of Mr Mohsin Ali Shah’s team.

Online Shadi/Online Nikah can be Solemnized within just 25 Minutes

Muslim shadi with Nikah can be solemnized within just 25 minutes. A person who wants to register his/her marriage in Pakistan can do so through Right Law Associates or Pakistan Legal Forum. Both you and your spouse must be eighteen years old or above.

Online Shadi/Online Nikah and Documentation

Although shadi is a contract that can be performed by vakil/attorney/proxy, the groom and the bride need to have an intention in mind before solemnizing shadi through a vakil/lawyer/attorney/proxy. Such intention must be limited only to the Nikah ceremony and registration of matrimonial documents such as Nikah nama and the NADRA Marriage Certificate.